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Your invitation to our Free food tasting

Your invitation to our Free food tasting

Le Truck Village – 7th & 8th December

We are delighted to invite you to our FREE FOOD tasting events on Wednesday 7th and Thursday 8th December from 11am at Le Truck Village.

Le Truck Market offers up to 250 products at great prices and we are giving you the chance to sample a great selection of products.

On Wednesday 7th December
The temperatures are dropping, but we’ll make sure you keep warm with a traditional homemade soup.
You’ll even be able to recreate it as all the ingredients can be found at Le Truck Market.
Here’s a copy the recipe

On Thursday 8th December
You can sample a selection of our very tasty ready meals.
Simple and fast to prepare, enjoy a wide range of delicious meals when visiting Le Truck Village after a long day on the road, or when time is of the essence.

We look forward to seeing you

SPEND €6 AND GET €2 OFF* at Le Truck Market.
Simply enter the promotional code « XMAS22 »

*Offer valid from 7th to 31st December 2022

Welcome to our new 24-7 shop

Welcome to our new 24-7 shop

Welcome to our new 24/7 shop! 

In order to offer you more convenience for your journeys, we are delighted to launch today our new 24/7 shop at Le Truck Village in Calais.

When you’re away from home, you can now easily shop at Le Truck Market whilst your vehicle is safely parked at Le Truck Village. 

Le Truck Market at Le Truck Village, Eurotunnel Freight terminal

Your everyday essentials at great prices!

In partnership with Carrefour and a few local producers, our wide range of products have been carefully selected to respond to your needs and are available at low-cost supermarket prices. Watch out as we will also be offering daily promotions!

  • With over 250 products available, you’ll find everything you need to help you cook healthy, delicious and affordable homemade meals.  
  • Alternatively, if you’ve had a long day on the road, you also have the choice to enjoy a tasty ready meal from our wide range of options.
  • Remember to stock up on healthy and high quality fresh fruit and vegetables delivered from local producers. 
Fruits and  yogurt

Just like a shop!

► Don’t worries if you ran out of toothpaste, soap or washing up liquid whilst on the road. Le Truck Market also provides your household essentials to make you feel at home.

► We’ve also included some useful truck accessories so that you carry on with your daily job.

Shop in 3 EASY steps!

► Le Truck Market is very simple to use! You will instantly see the wide range of products available, so just select your products, pay either by credit card or in cash (in euros only), and collect!

We hope you enjoy your new shopping experience and look forward to welcoming you very soon at Le Truck Village. 

Freshly baked bread 24/7

Freshly baked bread 24/7

You’ll find at Le Truck Village delicious bread and pastries freshly made from the local baker. This service is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Available products:

  • Bread and multi-grain bread at €1.50
  • French baguette at €1
  • 4 pastries pack at €2.50

Don’t miss out on special offers at the Food Truck

Don’t miss out on special offers at the Food Truck

Take your break at Le Truck Village and enjoy fantastic deals on burgers, hot dogs and pizzas when you travel with Eurotunnel Le Shuttle Freight.

1 ticket + €1 = a TASTY hotdog (or €4 without a Eurotunnel ticket)
2 tickets + €1 = a JUICY burger (or €5 without a Eurotunnel ticket)
1 ticket + €2 = a DELICIOUS pizza slice (or €4 without a Eurotunnel ticket)
2 tickets + €2 = a WHOLE pizza (or €8 without a Eurotunnel ticket)

Prices without a ticket:
Hot Dog – €4
1/2 pizza – €4
Hambuger – €5
Cheese burger – €5,50
Bacon Burger – €6

Opening hours
Tuesday to Friday: 7:00-14:00 & 17:30-22:00
Saturday to Monday: 10:00-14:00 & 18:00-22:00

* On presentation of the Eurotunnel Le Shuttle Freight transport tickets stamped by a Eurotunnel agent at Le Truck Village reception (maximum 2 tickets per transaction).
Limited offer valid until further notice. Subject to availability.

Le Truck Village: Eurotunnel celebrates its 50,000th driver visit

Le Truck Village: Eurotunnel celebrates its 50,000th driver visit

Actively working with our clients, strengthening our leadership in the cross-Channel market

Since Le Truck Village opened in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic on the French Eurotunnel terminal, it has welcomed more than 50,000 truck drivers choosing to take a break or their rest hours at the site.

Now that the UK has left the EU, these essential workers can also wait for their customs and SPS formalities to be completed in Le Truck Village building and take advantage of the services available, such as showers, laundry, recharging refrigerated trucks, a food truck and food and beverage vending machines.

Yann Agneray, Freight customer service manager, said: “Our Le Truck Village service is open 24/7. Many services are offered to truck drivers such as showers which are cleaned after every use. We are proud to work with these drivers who are more than ever essential workers. »

Important safety reminder to access Le Truck village

Important safety reminder to access Le Truck village

Even if your vehicle is equipped with a toll tag (Tis box), please choose your language on the touch screen and follow the instructions when you arrive at Le Truck Village’s entrance barrier.

You can always contact an agent if you need assistance.

For your safety, it is prohibited to reverse your vehicle.